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Get More Sales For Your eBay Business

by: Eric Scott

As an eBay seller you can build your seller site around the items you are selling faster and with greater success by using the eBay tools and resources available to you. They can be found on eBay and other auction themed websites. Using these eBay tools and resources can lead to more eBay sales and greater success as an eBay seller.

eBay Seller Listings

After you have found a product that you want to sell on your eBay auction site search the eBay seller item listings and locate the same and similar items.

Keep track of the items prices on the seller sites that are listed.

Take note on when the auctions began and when they will be ending.

Go back to them many times and check out which of the sites are getting the most sales of the item you also want to sell.

eBay Seller Sites

Take note on the auction sites that get more sales than the others, how they are set up, designed, and their overall look. You can also compare these seller sites to the other auctions that didn't do as well as they did.

When you start setting up and designing your own eBay seller site you'll have a lot of other auctions to compare to that have already run or are up and running.

This part of your plan will save you a lot of time and you'll also get better results.

Compare Prices

Add up the price that you could sell the item for at a profit after paying
your best priced and reliable supplier.

Compare your price to the prices of the other eBay seller sites that had a good amount of sales.

If you can make a profit by coming close to, matching, or beating these prices you have found a good product to sell on your eBay seller site.

eBay Tools

You can find a lot of articles, eBooks, eBay tools, and resources that will show you how to set up an eBay seller site that looks like it was designed by an experienced eBay store owner.
This will increase your eBay sales and success as an eBay seller.

eBay Sales

Start off with a small to medium inventory. After your auction begins you can lower the price just enough as needed to get more sales or raise the price just enough as needed to cover your costs and profits.

There will be more new visitors and customers going to your eBay seller site or eBay store and any improvements you add to the setup and design will increase your eBay sales in your current and future auctions.

After a while if the item sells well, then you can buy more from your supplier than you did on the first order.

Buyer Discounts

You can offer your customers a discount when they buy more than one item from your eBay auction site or sites that are listed in your eBay store.

Your customers will appreciate any discounts that you offer to them. They will feel that they got a good deal from an eBay seller on something that they needed and/or wanted.

eBay Shipping

If two or more items are ordered from your auction site that can be shipped to the customer together in the same box or as part of the same eBay shipping order you can offer a discount on the s/h cost.

Your customers will appreciate it if you use a shipping calculator in your auctions because they will be getting an accurate shipping and handling cost based on their location.

This eBay tool is offered for use in all eBay seller auctions and can be found on the eBay business shipping page.

Auction Details

Place all of the buyer discount, shipping, and other important details in your auction where your customers and visitors can easily find them.

If you have an eBay store with other related auction items you can mention that and you can list some of them with their description and picture towards the bottom of your auction listing.

eBay Seller Business Plan

A good eBay seller plan will help you find the right products to sell in your eBay auctions. It will also help you set up and design an effective eBay seller site that will increase your eBay sales.

Follow your eBay seller plan and you will be a successful eBay seller!

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