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Make Good Money Selling Used Books on eBay, Amazon.com and the Internet

Make extra money or a full time living on eBay - Learn to sell used books for profit

Easy to start - Low risk - High profits...buy used books for a dollar or less that can sell for $10, $20 or more.

The complete guide to sell used books on eBay, Amazon and other online business sites,  by eBay PowerSeller, Skip McGrath

Make Extra Money Selling Used Books

This may be one of the easiest -and most profitable online businesses for the little guy or gal today. If you love books and like to work from home, consider selling used books online and start your own used books business.

Recession proof business: When the economy is bad -
used book sales actually increase

Over $8 Billion worth of used books sell in the United States every year -and more and more of them are being sold online. Over $2 Billion worth of used books are sold on eBay and half.com alone. Amazon won't release their figures for used books, but analysts estimate sales to also be over $1 Billion a year in the US. And of course there are the English-speaking overseas markets. Last year I sold books to customers in Singapore, England, Canada, and Australia and even to India -and overseas customers pay even more than US customers.

Selling books on eBay, Amazon and the internet is one of the easiest online businesses to start.

The most difficult problem that eBay and other online sellers have today is finding merchandise that they can sell at a profit. Selling used books solves this problem because there is a ready market for used books -and there is ample supply at great prices as you will learn...

But you have to know which books to buy -and more important -what books NOT to buy. We show you how and where to find the best books to sell on eBay. Whether you want to just make extra money or start a real online business, let Skip McGrath show you how he does it.

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